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Get another Hybrid, not a Civic logo 7/27/2015 JORGE GIMENEZ

I have owned or leased Honda vehicles for the past 13 years. They have all been wonderful as far as value, comfort and reliability. The Honda Civic Hybrid is the exception primarily due to the hybrid component. The speedometer, USB ports, steering wheel controls, and overall comfort inside make for a great ride, but taking a car to the dealer negates the advantages. I had never taken any of my Honda vehicles to the dealer for any sort of repairs, but the hybrid seems to break every 12 to 18 months. Since the beginning, the IMA light has been turning on like a Christmas tree. I would take it to the dealer, waste at least half a day in the process, and they would normally tell me that it was just an update that is needed. However, a few months later it would start over again. If you want a civic, get a regular one, not a hybrid. If you want a hybrid, get a different brand.

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