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Get the Trailhawk logo 5/7/2015 vonperleberg

In all honesty, if you're getting the cheaper Cherokee then of course you're not going to get the features and performance of the high end model. I wish that Edmunds would show the reviews a little bit differently because the Trailhawk out performs the lesser models in a lot of categories. It's quick, slick, and lives up to the Jeep off-road reputation that most of us know hoped for when getting a jeep.I wouldn't have gotten a Cherokee if it wasn't for the Trailhawk, I probably would have gotten a lower end Grand Cherokee but this Trailhawk is such a good mix between mobility and performance especially in unfavorable conditions. It's like you're driving around luxury ATV--in a good way.

Favorite Feature : I love the uConnect so far. It's a solid system that could use some more apps like Spotify support (why doesn't anyone use this?). But you can run everything through the regular bluetooth connection.The leather and the finish inside is amazing. I don't have a sunroof but who the heck uses those half the time anyways? The double sunroof models do look amazing, though. Other notable things are just the look in general and solid power. I drove a Toyota Avalon before this car and the driveability didn't feel THAT much different which is a good thing.

Suggested Improvement : Could use a little bit more space in the back. The seats don't come down all the way to a flush 180 degrees so it's not the best at transporting large objects.The uConnect navigation could be a little bit better, and there's some cool features but you only get them through the subscription which is quite pricey when paying per month and i'm the guy who thinks it should be available for cheapter after spending 35k+ on a vehicle.

Average Rating : 4.5


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