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Give the Rio a chance ! logo 8/21/2015 Brad R

I've had my 2012 Kia Rio EX with the convenience package (back up camera, indicators on the mirror, touch screen display) bought it with 5 miles now has an outstanding 86,000 miles. In the summer I average 35mpg usually in the winter it drops to about 28 unfortunately. I'm still on the original factory brakes which I do need to replace asap, had a problem at 10k with evap sensor which dealer replaced at no cost even gave us a free lender for a week while they waited for part. At 80k a clack happened upon acceleration, pinging caused timing to jump kia dealer fixed with no problem and at no cost even with the system update being expired, however car still pings like crazy upon acceleration. The passenger seat sits really low, I can't sit passenger in my car and I feel bad for my passengers. Resale value is absolutely terrible for this car however. It's been a great car, and the warranty is amazing.

Average Rating : 4


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