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GL-350 - Worst Can of my life ! logo 3/26/2015 deninfiniti

Let me start off by saying that when I test drove my 2010 GL-350 I fell in love with it. The engine was smooth, transmission great and interior quality was fantastic, so I went ahead and purchased it. Despite having 90k miles on it (I have had diesels before and run them until 150k easily and know they can go much higher so the miles didn't worry me) I thought it was as sound decision as I have also had 2 Mercedes before and loved them. Well after 4 Check engine lights (Blue Tech low, Fuel line break, Blue Tech heater replacement and an O-ring failure on the turbo) and over $3000 in 4 months I finally traded it in for a new Japanese car. My advice, DO NOT buy and older Mercedes !

Favorite Feature : Engine smoothness, Interior, Size, MPG.

Suggested Improvement : Quality of components to improve longevity. I even test drove an 2010 ML-350 as a potential replacement and the Check Engine Light came on, that really put me off Mercedes for life !!

Average Rating : 3.25


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