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Gl is not an SUV! logo 7/19/2015 Yuliy Lieb

i don't understand why Edmunds keep placing this vehicle on the first place among luxurious SUVs. I have followed Edmunds advice and had one for a year. I may say with full responsibility that 1) GL is not a real SUV, it is a crossover. On a rough road it fails. 2) The cockpit has a low ceiling, toll person can't get in without bending neck 3) reliability is low, within less than a year I had to go to dealer for repairs twice, one of them could have been quite expensive, if not under warranty. 4) Among all bells and whistles just a few make sense, others look attractive for a regular customer but are useless. 5) third raw is for two 3-years old only, besides an adult would have a hard time to get there. And so on...Anyway, after approximately a year i have traded it in to Lexus LX-570. Yes, this thing has less bells and whistles, but it is a real SUV. Yes, its voice recognition system sucks and navigation system is not as good as MB GL. But if you are about to purchase a luxurious SUV, go anywhere type, do not make a mistake being attracted by MB logo on a hood.

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