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GLE350 - The Quirks logo 5/1/2016 GlennW

We purchased a 2016 GLE350 as a replacement for our 2010 Lexus RX350. This is our first Mercedes-Benz, and overall, it's a wonderful car. I'm posting this review mostly to point out the "quirks" we've noticed in our first month of ownership. Note that we've previously driven Lexus and BMW, so those are our primary comparison points.1. No Bluetooth audio! The Bluetooth only works for phone calls, not for playing music. This was an unpleasant surprise. If you want music from your phone, you have to physically plug it in via USB, and use either the direct audio option, or Apple CarPlay.2. The navigation system defaults to reading directions aloud. There's no way to change this default; you have to physically mute the voice... every... single... time.3. The "Dynamic Select" drive mode defaults to "Comfort". There's no way to change this default; you have to physically change it to "Sport"... every... single... time.4. The in-car Operator's Manual only works while you're in Park, so your passenger can't look something up while you drive. And it's surprisingly sluggish; feels like a circa 1990's computer, chugging away to load the next page.5. The radio controls are surprisingly "dense." It seems to take an awful lot of clicks to view your favorites, or browse up and down the dial.6. I still haven't figured out how to store the fuel cap in the "holder". For now I've just let it dangle; I'm pretty sure it's supposed to have a slot, but I can't figure it out.7. The printed/PDF Owners Manual seems to have been written for non-humans of some kind. The language is stilted, the instructions are riddled with so many warnings that it's really hard to find the actual info, and the info itself is ridiculously sparse and un-helpful. Please, car companies (especially Mercedes), hire an editor who can actually write!8. After a month of trying, we've yet to successfully actually get the car to park itself, as advertised. Google or YouTube this; you'll find tons of other folks similarly confused, including dealers who humorously try to demonstrate this on YouTube and fail even in the videos! I'm sure it works, but wow, it seems utterly non-intuitive, and I really, really wonder how many total times in the history of Mercedes-Benz how often a driver has actually used the feature to actually park their car.

Average Rating : 4


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