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Go for it if you enjoy mental torment... logo 7/8/2015 Ty

... at every turn. I bought this car in the winter of 2013. I enjoyed it for its lovely ride and handling. It was very good in the icy twist backs of Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains. However, this is where it ends. First problem was the transmission, it shuddered very roughly in reverse and driving forward off the line. I've taken it in about 4 times at this point. I took it to billings, Montana and it stalled, leaving me stranded for 3 days while no one could find the problem. One clutch pack replacement later at 45k it's been decent, however now at 82k it's shuddering again(thank god for the extended warranty). It threw a tie rod at 72k nearly flipping the car. Then the sync module dies. And now the starter/ignition has left me stranded 2 times only to have it towed into the shop where it is now day 6 and no one can figure out the problem. Also a minor nitpick, Ford needs to change their fuel economy numbers for this car as I only return 22mpg in mixed driving. Keep in mind I've had this car for one year Ford certainly has made an excellent torture device. College student or anyone looking for that constant anguish and embarrassment, look no further.

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