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Going back to Lexus... logo 5/4/2015 kanger3

The sharp exterior styling brought me to this car, and the great salesman got me to drive off with it. I've had this car for 12months (16K miles) now and have run into one issue after another...A blowout from the run-flat tires was the first issue. I paid $400 for a new tire because they said it was road-hazard. Then the USB ports stopped charging. Then the car threw up a check engine light (code P0023) dealer replaced a fuel solenoid. One month later, threw up another check engine (code P0021) dealer replaced fuel solenoid in Bank B. It's been a week, and now the car is idling rough and lacking power. No engine codes...YET.

Favorite Feature : Exterior, great highway fuel economy

Suggested Improvement : 1. Stop promoting the run-flat tires. The tires give the car a terrible ride. They blowout often. Costs significantly more than conventional tires. Reduces city fuel economy because they weigh more. 2. The glossy interior attracts dust and awful fingerprint smudges. Cadillac knows this is an issue and gives you a microfiber cloth. How about you make it a matte finish instead of the cloth?3. Most importantly, correct the engine issues. I am not the only one experiencing these issues, and the ATS isn't the only line with these issues, all Cadillac's with the 3.6L engine have these same issues. It all stems from the timing chain...Please do the right thing and issue a RECALL.

Average Rating : 3


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