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Going on 3 yrs owning logo 6/12/2016 Matt Maloney

I bought this car used from Armory Garage in Albany NY as a certified pre owned with 14,500 miles and paid $14,800. It was previously a fleet vehicle, so there were a few minor scratches. The dealer buffed out the car best they could, but I knew what I was getting considering what I paid for the car. I'm 5'6" so this car fits me pretty good. It's quite peppy and accelerates excellently. This car, V6, is quicker than the Camry and Honda sedan in my opinion. It's performance is fairly decent. I've owned the car for almost 2.5 years now and put about 30k miles on it. There's been no repairs necessary to date mechanically speaking. I did have the front hood replaced under warranty as it was beginning to bubble near the front. I think the car was in an accident (and the fact hidden from me) thus the bubbling edges on the hood and low price I got it for it, but the body guy told me he's seen it on others as well. The other clue was the gap between the hood and grill vary from one side to the other. I drove this car from NY to FL and back and it did not let me down. Pros:Acceleration, handling, easy to maneuver and park in the city, getting up to speed entering highways, stylish looking enough. Cons: Rotors. The rotors had to be replaced at 18k miles due to shaking when braking downhill, and now at 44k the pads and rotors are almost due again. The warped rotors first time around could have been a result from the car being a rental prev. Only 2 ports for charging/plug in gps . (Touring Model)Blind spot. This car seems to have more of a blind spot than other cars I've driven. Extra caution must be used when changing lanes.Automatic gear selection. At times it seems the car chooses a lower gear than I would like when going up an incline, it tends to bog a bit. A quick step on the gas solves that problem downshifting the vehicle and delivering more than enough torque. (Or slap shift is available as well). Slowing down to an almost stop will occasionally make the transmission slam between 1st and 2nd gear, but no worries.Trunk Space. The trunk is smaller than most. I couldn't fit a snow shovel in it so it had to go in the back seat area. Seats. The cloth seems cheap but nothing a cover won't solve. They are comfortable enough and the power seat makes enough positions for most.Key fob. Losing this key will cost you almost $400, but I guess that's on par with other makes and models.Overall: I like this car. It's quick for a middle of the road sedan, unassuming looking from a police pull over point of view, and has been reliable to date. From other reviews of the next generation of 200's, I would keep this before trading up to the newer versions.

Average Rating : 4


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