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Good car, excellent car company logo 12/6/2016 Dave

I am quite pleased with this automobile. I love the technology features such as lane assist, active cruise control, reversing camera, lane departure warning, and (surprisingly) rain sensing wipers. I love the multi contour active motion seats. My only two complaints are one major, the electric power steering is well weighted, has good turn in, etc. but does not have enough road feel. I understand this is true of all EPS including the cars I have driven that have it. (It is much better than a 2015 Toyota Camry that I rented this year.) The second is less of a problem and that is there needs to be more non-touch screen controls for the HVAC. Finally, I have been very impressed with Lincoln Motor Company. They are very responsive and after I brought to their attention that I thought the car took much longer to build than I think it should have, they gave me a 100,000 mile warranty. I have found that “company care” is very important for an expensive and complex device such as this one. Good job!

Average Rating : 5


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