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Good Car for the Money logo 6/3/2015 bswangh

Bought the Outback a few months ago and have taken it on a few road trips plus regular daily driving. The Outback is a great daily driver and even on longer road trips, the seats are comfortable all day long, and it's a very quiet car. It has good steering feel and handling - feels more like a car than a crossover. Highway fuel economy has been right on target, and sometimes better (my best average was 35.5mpg one afternoon). In town, however, I'm only getting 19-21 mpg average. I can't blame Subaru for that one, however, since I live in a town with a lot of hills, and that terrain coupled with short trips means terrible fuel economy for all cars I've ever driven here.

Favorite Feature : Quiet and composed ride which soaks up road bumps and irregularities nicely. On the inside, I like the simple touch-screen interface, quick release levers in cargo area for the rear seats, and the fact that those rear seats do fold flat - thank you for that, Subaru. I also really like the elevated ride position of the Outback. It makes for great visibility. The seats are very comfortable, too. We just have the cloth, but they are grippy and soft to the touch. Lots of storage bins and pockets - the center bin between the seats is quite large and deep. Overall, there is a lot of room in this car which is why we bought it.

Suggested Improvement : My main gripe is the overly long delay when shifting from reverse into drive. It takes forever for the drive gear to engage, which is quite annoying. The CVT can be a little finicky sometimes. It will occasionally leave me a bit flat-footed when I really need to stomp on the accelerator, but for normal relaxed driving, the CVT is generally unobtrusive. Throttle tip-in is a bit abrupt when you first depress the accelerator, but I've learned how to manage that so it doesn't seem to do it as much anymore. I guess I can learn new tricks.

Average Rating : 4.5


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