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Good car if treated right. logo 6/13/2016 annonomous

I read the other reviews. It sounds like those people got some dodge intrepids that were not taken care of very well. MY dodge intrepid is currently at 310k, and it runs like a champ. No problems, nothing is broken. I did have to take apart the temperature control switch, for the vents. Got it to work again after fixing up a wire that went bad back there, just 1. After i fixed that, my ac and heat started working again. My mom owned the car before me, and took very good care of it. She had my dad replace the water pump, brakes, alternator, battery, and i put new tires on it myself for her, over the 7 years she had it. Thats not bad, over a period of 7 years. I got the car at about 300k, and the only things iv done to it were change the oil and fix the temperature control for the vents, which went out when i was driving it. Havent had any other problems. even at 310k, im still running full on cold ac in the summer, heat when its cold, no problem. IT never overheats, it never dies. This car just keeps going, and i plan to keep maintaining it until who knows how many more miles it could go!Of course if you treat a car like garbage and don't maintain it properly, not keeping fluids and stuff in it or just regular maintenence, its gona fall apart. That is just the way cars are, and how they always will be. The car was treated great before I got it, and as a result it is a great car still.

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