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Good car, lousy accessories - yes, the hitch sucks logo 8/10/2015 Kumar S

I wish I had read the review above before I installed the Forester OEM hitch. I like the Subaru Forester. I like it enough that I have driven it 20,000 miles in the nearly 18 months (bought it early May 2014). I am not too crazy about the (lack of) pickup speed, but I knew that getting in. I bought the limited edition with EyeSight.I love EyeSight. It has saved my wife and myself enough number of times. Adaptive cruise control is such a nice feature on Hwy 5. The car is spacious, the moon roof is very nice and it feels and handles like a very safe car. The automatic lift gate has a mind of it's own. It is very slow to open and often would just emit out an annoying beep sign without opening. The less said about the touch screen, the better. The 2016 Forester has a much better touch screen is what I hear.I wish I had read the review about regarding the trailer hitch. I was stupid enough to ask my local Subaru dealer to install the OEM hitch. The $400 price for the hitch and $280 to install must have been a warning, but I wanted to get this installed before summer was out and being too lazy to find out who else can install a hitch and what to read about, I installed it.The OEM trailer hitch is worth its weight in human manure. It's class 1, comes with a 1.25" hitch. To make this worse, the pinhole is too far close to the front opening that only ONE Yakima bike rack is blessed to work with it. I needed a bike rack that will take 4 bikes. There are a few bike racks that will work with a 1.25" hitch, but all of them need a class 2 hitch, which this "pile of human dung" isn't.I wish my local service adviser was good enough to point that out to me - but I won't blame him if I walked in with a big loser sign in my forehead. Unlike the reviewer above me, I couldn't get this hitch to work, even with the crappy blessed Yakima bike rack. I begged my local dealer to take the hitch back, I will eat the $280 installation charges.I am getting a class 3, 2" trailer hitch installed by U-Haul for $215 (total, including labor) and will install an appropriate bike rack that will support 4 bikes on it. I will return the bike rack and pray that the dealer refunds me the $399 at least.Like the reviewer above, I am so pissed with Subaru. I trusted Subaru and I trusted that the $700 hitch would be the best in it's class and work magically with all accessories. The fact that it's the worst piece of crap out there and seriously crippled by Subaru has left me very very very unhappy. I refuse to part any more money to Subaru going forward. I have pre-paid my services up to 48,000 miles (did I mention the loser sign before?), once that's done, I will avoid Subaru and it's over-priced dealerships for the rest of my life. I have recommended and my family & friends have bought 3 different Subarus based on my recommendation, but no more. Subaru - you have lost a potential life long customer because of your stupid crippled accessory.

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