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Good car with looks and features, noisy cabin logo 9/11/2015 mixer

Bought a 2015 Corolla LE Plus. Love the looks vs the Camry's or the Corolla S Plus. The S plus has a bigger grille and darker rims which I did not like vs the smaller grille and shinier rims on the LE Plus model. I liked the steering on low speed with this car, but the thing I really disliked was hi-way driving. It is too sensitive in the steering at that speed, so it is kinda like a struggle to keep the car straight and it doesn't help that the car is more prone to wind blowing, so that makes the struggle even harder (especially near trucks).Acceleration is adequate. The ride is actually a little firm (good thing I didn't get the S Plus!) But the road noise can get harsh in freeway driving. I love listening to music and I upgraded my sound system by adding a subwoofer to the factory unit. Sounds much better, but I still have to crank up the volume because the road noise is too loud. Sometimes, it makes me have a slight regret that I didn't get the camry instead.This is what I like about the Corolla though... Good price, good looks, good gas mileage (35 avg), reliable so far, Michelin tires, led headlights, lots of interior space, and I really liked the color combo of the White exterior + Ivory/black interior.Disliked road noise, sensitive steering (harder to keep car going straight), average acceleration (engine noise too).Overall, its a great car if you don't mind my dislikes. For me, its a good buy mainly due to pricing because I couldn't afford the camry since it would be stretching my money too much (kinda poor but wanted new reliable car). Always have a slight regret due to knowing that the Camry is quieter and its acceleration is smoother. At $3000 more, it was hard to swallow the difference, that's how I ended up with the Corolla.

Average Rating : 4


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