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Good Cars With a Few Issues logo 7/10/2015 Jerry in Missouri

Overall, I think Chevy Cobalts are good cars. The issues they have are similar to ones the Cavalier had, which are a cheap front suspension which will most likely require a few repairs, and a few safety issues, namely side crash test scores (poor without side curtain airbags). I would recommend getting a 2008-2010 Cobalt if you are concerned about the side crash test scores because they automatically came with side curtain airbags as a standard feature. It's possible that an 05-07 could have gotten them as an option, but most likely not. The Cobalt is a solid, attractive car that gets good gas mileage. Reliability is pretty good. If you do buy any year Chevy Cobalt, make sure you check that it has had the recalls taken care of, as all Cobalts were subject to a few recalls pertaining to the ignition/steering column. These cars have a smooth enjoyable ride but if you go over a raised bump you will definitely feel it, and do your best to avoid bumps as the front suspension is somewhat fragile in my opinion. I have noticed that the Cobalts have really good body integrity--usually even the 10 year old Cobalts still look good with no rust or bumpers falling off, etc. UNLIKE the Cavalier, which tend to fall apart piece by piece unless they are babied. A few random cons for the Cobalt are: Trunk is hard to open, and lid is heavy; mouth of trunk is too small to take in larger items that might otherwise fit; backseat is very cramped with little legroom so plan on anyone other than a child or dwarf hating it. All in all, I might consider buying another of these cars if it had the features and appearance I wanted on one.

Average Rating : 4


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