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Good for family with only 1 child logo 4/29/2016 Talia

I purchased a 2016 XC60 this past December since I had a brand new baby and felt we needed a SUV for safety. The SUV is overall very safe im sure but the accessibility of the backseat is ridiculous. I cannot tell you how many times ive hit my head trying to maneuver my sons car seat into the middle seat. The only way you can easily get a car seat in the backseat is if you move either the driver seat or the passenger seat forward almost completely. My husband is 6'1" so if he is driving you may as well count the driver side of the car out in terms of being able to put a baby into the back. For the amount of money we paid for the vehicle i assumed the backseat would be comfortable which it is not for an adult. I am only 5'4" and am incredibly uncomfortable when i sit in the backseat with my son, to the point where you have to sit sideways because your legs have practically no room. I feel this is a HUGE design flaw on Volvo's part! If you only have 1 child and don't count on having any more then this is the car for you. However if you plan on having more kids good luck to them being comfortable in the back seat! I cannot wait until it is time to buy a new vehicle which is unfortunate because I heard such great things about Volvo's but probably will never buy another one again!

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