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Good gas mileage?? logo 7/11/2015 karen kelleher

I have to say, I really like the almond interior of my new 2015 rogue. And, overall, it looks nice. But it is big!! Nothing like the earlier, cute, zippy models i have seen around town. And talk about zippy, :-( This vehicle is so big, with such wide turns, it is hard to navigate. and the blind spots! My dealer couldn't get me the premium level Rogue with the 360 view in the color i wanted. You need the 360 view! I have narrowly missed other cars, even being a very safe driver, but not at all seeing cars right next to me. And the gas mileage. Well, I average 23 mpg city/hywy. I drive on the slow side, never rev the engine, or speed around town. Could someone please tell me, is my car defective? Or are the advertised MPG a huge exaggeration???

Average Rating : 4


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