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Good if you hate your children logo 8/26/2015 ThatGuy

I purchased this vehicle used after owning a 1995 Previa, and a 2001 Sienna, both of which i got well over 300k miles on and never had any real issues with either of them. I purchased this after owning the two other vans thinking i would get the same great usage, and bullet-proof reliability. Unfortunately there is a design flaw with the 2005-2016 Toyota Sienna's where the L Bracket that holds the door to the van bends over time with usage, and causes the rear ECU to malfunction, which in turn causes the rear power sliding doors to randomly open. This fantastic feature of the new van's happens at random moments, and random speeds. I contacted Toyota, because my van was out of warranty, at 36,300 miles, "missed it by 300 miles", who continued to indicate that this was a known issue, and that they would cover half of the cost to repair the issue, and i would only have to come out of pocket 5771.00, which is the cost for half.. mind you they also indicated that this is a known issue.. Not happy with that outcome i contacted the NHTSB with the issue, and was told there have been 36K reports of the same issue occurring on Sienna Van's dating back to 2005, and that the last generation had a quiet recall, where Toyota extended the warranty on the doors, and repaired the issues free of charge, but this was never released as public knowledge.. The NHTSB indicated that they can't force a recall until someone dies.. I would suggest you avoid these vans like the plague if you love your family.. Otherwise i would hate to read about this issue in the paper because someone in your family dies..

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