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Good riddance logo 3/17/2015 yossarian7

Electric throttle + turbos = you never know what you were going to get, or when you are going to get it. Merging onto a highway was a stressful event. Seats were uncomfortable. Not enough leg room (I'm 6'1"). Run-flat tires were junk - developed bubbles and made for harsh ride. Alloy wheels were so soft, and/or car was so heavy, that it was not possible to keep the wheels "round" or in balance. HVAC temperature control never worked right (it always blows hot air). Car handled like crap - the opposite of the ultimate driving machine. The car rolled so much during a turn - usually suddenly - that it was downright scary. Car was way too heavy. I was glad to trade it in.

Favorite Feature : Well-built. Solid. X drive worked great in snow. Decent gas mileage. Free dealer maintenance during warranty.

Suggested Improvement : Needs: to shed weight; better throttle/turbo mapping; two-inches of additional front-seat leg room; drop run-flats; HVAC that works.

Average Rating : 2.875


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