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Good ride, but poor reliability in the 2000 model logo 6/18/2016 Ken

We bought this car with 87,000 miles on it in 2011. It now (June 2016) has 125,000 miles on it. It has been the worst car for repairs that we've had for the few miles that we've driven it. The cruise control stopped working, and there are no replacements available. Fuel economy is poor around town (14-16(sometimes)), and we only get up to 21-22 on the road. I was told that it was similar or identical to the Mercury Villager. The two 1998 Villagers that we had both got 24-28 mpg on the road. I don't know how many vacuum hoses have broken. I asked my mechanic to replace all of them, but he said that there are so many, that he wouldn't advise it because of the cost. Of course, many of these are on the back side of the engine, and very inaccessible. The engine is a 3.3. If it were the the 3.0, the engine used in the Villager, the performance may have been better. I talked to the parts man at the local dealership today, and he said that the Nissan Quest had a Nissan Maxima engine, and a Ford body. He said that Nissan ended that partnership with Ford in 2002(?), so post 2002 models may be better. Update on 12/21/2016. About 6 weeks after we got it, the car started bucking and missing. We went on a trip and had to stop driving it because it missed so badly. After about a month, we finally found a mechanic who knew that the problem was the distributor without even looking at it. It ran Ok after that; mileage was still poor. However, the problem has started again, and seems to start around 40-45 mph. I would never buy this model in the years prior to 2003. Update as of 6/24/217. Fuel economy has improved if I use Sea Foam, but still does not meet EPA ratings. We now get 16 around town & 22 on the road. Still bucks around 45 mph. While I upped the rating slightly, I still wouldn't buy a Quest built before 2003.

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