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Good/Safe/Reliable logo 7/19/2015 Ron

Had a '14 4cyl. Tacoma access cab that I hit/bounced off a bridge 2 X at 70 MPH all bags (except passenger - no passenger) went off. It was totaled but crumpled as designed and trans/engine went into pavement as designed. It saved my life and no injuries. Replaced it with this '13 pre runner with a 4.0 six cyl. Get real avg. 20 MPG. Installed a Firestone rear airbag kit and the ride improved dramatically carrying 10 psi. with no load. I am an old guy and do not race around but plenty of power for me. We have had a 4runner, Landcruiser and several older off road junk tacomas. They all did their job and lasted if maintained.

Average Rating : 4


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