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good starter vehicle but poor overall logo 9/6/2015 christopher

ive put about $400-500 in this vehicle since ive had it at the start of 2015. ive had this vehicle since march of 2015. and im posting this on September of 2015. suv now has 177750 miles on it. bought it when it had about 168000 on it for $2000. lots of things wrong with it still. heres what ive noticed.. outside temp gauge has common problem of messing up and going out completely... brake lights dont like to come on and stay on unless your on the brake decently hard.. the brake lights will go off even when your braking and thats with a new brake light switch. driving on hwy is noisy as the design is bad... u can hear wind pretty good almost as if some window is cracked. headlights are poor design.. the point way to low down and dont go very far out.. hard to see at night. rear wiper blade doesnt even touch the window when it wipes. thats a common problem. another common problem is the radio goes out quick. had to replace it when i bought it. another downside is it has terrible gas mileage.. i get about 13 mpg in the city and around 16 on the hwy. and thats with keeping it maintenenced. 21 gallon fuel tank goes fast as hell in this suv with this mpg. the upsides..... parts are usually cheap for the vehicle... it has a nice outside look to it.. with about 100 bucks i made it look mean... (put a hood scoop on it and a light bar on top). its awd... so.. better traction all the time. its hard for me to even squeal the tires when i floor it from a complete stop with tires with only about 30% tread left. so traction is really good. my overall.... its a starter vehicle... not a good vehicle to have for the rest of your life thats for sure.

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