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Good Truck logo 9/13/2015 Ron Stephens

Received this truck from my step dad a few years ago. It had set up in a hot; damp climate for several years. It's been a great truck once all the issues brought on by improper long term storage were corrected. This is a 1994 truck and the V-6 is a little lacking in get up and go but she pulls strong and gets down the road just fine. Did have to change out the radio/cassette player; speakers included. That was a interesting project just seeing how the original system was designed and installed. The only thing currently wrong with the truck is the recirculate vent actuator; it thumps (rather loudly) for 10 to 20 seconds when ever the key is turned on or off. The actuator gear is stripped and keeps trying to open and or shut the damper door which is held closed by spring tension. Eventually the actuator times out. Damper door stays shut and it operates as if in the recirculating/max cool mode. Just too much time and fiddling dropping the interior AC unit to replace the actuator. Other than the noise the AC and Heater system work great.

Average Rating : 5


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