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Good Value and Reliability logo 8/2/2015 Roger B.

Update of the review at 61,600 miles and 5 1/2 years old: If you don't want to drive a SUV but need carrying space this is a viable candidate. Still trouble free. The accessories and switchgear operate like day one. The "Destination Look Up" in the Entune suite isn't too user-friendly, especially through the microphone. Best to pull over and type in a destination, although it's cumbersome. The Bluetooth on this car operates very well, it's clear and the signal is not interrupted. It will announce smartphone audible map instructions, interrupting any playing music (however the smartphone's map is not on the car's screen). Overall economy is at 47MPG. Generally the MPG can be around 45 to 51mpg in warm weather and 38 to 45mpg in the winter, subject to the length of the trip and it's speed. Short runs of a few miles will only get to 38 to 45mpg. So if you don't have many long distance runs it will take you longer to get a return on the purchase of a hybrid. I haven't owned any premium vehicles but this one feels premium to me, quieter and more comfortable-riding then some other economy cars. A couple months ago I had the navigation updated. That required three visits to the dealer as they were sent USB drives which wouldn't install on the first two attempts. To summarize, I think this car's tech is still pretty contemporary, also reliability and economy are excellent. There are very few high-roof wagons or hatches (not CUV or SUV) that are similar (a couple of the Subarus or the VW Sportwagen).Updated review at 56,000 miles:The car has continued to be trouble-free. At the 50,000 mile dealer service I had to install front brake pads and turn the rotors. At 38,000 miles new tires were installed, Goodyear Eagles, LRR (Low Rolling Resistance). After installation of the tires the mpg dropped, but as they got cut in the miles-per-gallon came back to normal. In the summer, with no high speed runs, there have been a few tanks of fuel over 50 mpg (with the right conditions). Short local trips however will produce high 30s to low 40s mpg readings. I have an average lifetime for the vehicle of just over 46mpg (measured by math on each fill, not the car's meter). I do have a frequent city trip around 30 miles in distance which really lets the hybrid system show it's economy. The technology is good, bluetooth works well and the Toyota Entune system includes Pandora, Slacker Radio, IHeart Radio, Stocks, Weather and Sports scores. In addition I can also stream Spotify or play from a USB drive. The navigation is the first one I've had, so all I can say is that it works ok, but it's now almost 5 years old. So i did encounter one intersection which had been rebuilt: it did not coordinate with the stored navigation map.The overall drive experience is pleasant and quiet when cruising along or under light to moderate acceleration. There is engine noise on hard acceleration. The cargo room is extraordinary, there are fold flat front seats too. The seats are very comfortable, I have the Five with the artificial "leather." They are very comfortable on long trips.I still am intrigued with this car, it's unlike anything I have ever owned and I mean that in a good way.

Average Rating : 4


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