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Good value if well looked after by previous owners logo 12/6/2016 BritInPhilly

I have a 2003 Liberty with around 125k miles. It's been a good car for the last 18 months of ownership. It copes well with poor road conditions and has been really great in the snow. It's comfortable and the trunk space is pretty good too. My only gripes would be that the gas mileage is poor and the build quality is lacking in certain areas. The engine in these really needs regular oil changes to keep it in good shape and be wary of a Jeep that's been driven hard as it could end up being expensive. I've driven 15k miles over the 18 months and so far had to replace 2 window regulators (more on this later), as well as rotors all round and transmission solenoids. The window regulators are a pain and a common problem on these cars. They are badly designed and manufactured with cheap materials, so you're likely to be replacing at least one a year and finding yourself with a window jammed open at the most inconvenient times. The part is around $65 and it's a fairly simple job taking around 30 minutes to replace. Otherwise, expect to pay a garage $600+ for the replacement. The paintwork on these seems to suffer with peeling clear coat, particularly with darker colored cars and mainly on the roof. Mine's peeling but doesn't bother me so I'll leave it. Overall it's a good car and always feel solid and safe.*Update at 135,000 miles: Another window regulator at 130k miles, the O2 sensor went around the same time (which halved the average gas mileage down to around 9mpg) and wheel bearings starting to rumble recently. I took the car in for an oil change and tune up and to get an estimate for wheel bearing replacement and a new AC compressor. The repair shop seem to want to dissuade me from pouring money into the car every time, which makes me nervous. The AC compressor was damaged when another car backed into the Jeep in a parking lot, so not a build quality issue. I figured out that I'm spending maybe around $1800 annually in repairs and maintenance over the last 2 years and, assuming I'm into the same over the next 3 years then I'd still say the car hasn't been bad value at all.

Average Rating : 4


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