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Good While It Lasted logo 3/26/2015 Casey Bryson

I bought our 2004 GX470 in 2012. We owned it for 2 years and 7 months. It was a good vehicle for us and the engine/transmission are rock solid. Personally, looking back, I would buy one with LESS features. The dynamic suspension is expensive to replace, for example. I also had to replace the sensors for the rear air leveling as they both failed on separate occasions which was VERY problematic on a 500 mile road-trip. Also, others that note there's a "transmission CLUNK" should realize that it's a slip yoke on the driveshaft that requires greasing. A 30 second fix.

Favorite Feature : Off road capability. Incredible in the snow.

Suggested Improvement : The mpg is terrible. I averaged 15 mpg. For a vehicle this size and this underpowered, our new QX56 with 5.6 and 400 hp gets better mileage. A sign of the times. The technology is also lacking and it's difficult to integrate an iPod with this model year. Seats that don't fold flat is another annoyance. The ride is pretty harsh too. Ultimately, we got rid of our GX because the costs to repair & maintain were going to be too large.

Average Rating : 2.875


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