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Got Snow? Don't Buy Fit! logo 8/14/2015 Mari

Yes the electronics console is fussy and not intuitive. It's way too easy to drive off the road while trying to find things on a tetchy touch screen. It's a lightweight on snow and ice. You'll need to buy studded tires for it. It was stuck at the end of a plowed driveway this winter (upstate ny), on a slight grade which had just been done in my 04 Toyota Corolla. It does get ok gasmileage, tho my Corolla still does better on highways (verified by tracking gas and mileage between fill ups, not going by the manufacturer). I think my biggest beef with this car is the ice build up behind the front wheels. It is soooo low to the ground that slush and ice accumulates over the joint of the front doors. When you open the doors, you have to first knock the chunk of snow off the wheel well, then crack chunk of ice over the joint as you open the door. I have had this 2015 fit since July 2014 and the drivers side door joint is already scratched from the ice. I see rust in its future. As for service, don't ever expect to spend less than two hours at the dealerships even just for an oil change. If there is a service recall, they will not release your car AND they will not tell you they are fixing it till the end. I will not buy another honda mostly because of what I've detailed here. Also, good luck with car seats if you have more than one kid. It works but is TIGHT!

Average Rating : 2


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