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Gotta have it, Gotta love it (An honest review) logo 8/4/2015 Talib

Like many others here, I rented all the cars before buying them, believe me it's worth it. I rented a Camry, Altima and finally a Sonata, I was in a huge dilemma about buying a Nissan Altima or a Hyundai Sonata until the Nissan dealership in Lake Norman started playing tricks on me, and after 2 months of research and rental experiences, I finally decided to for a Venetian Red 2015 Sonata SE. I wanted a base model with allow wheels and blue tooth without having to pay for them, and guess what, the LED lights and the spoiler just came in ad an added bonus for Sonata, this is the beauty of Hyundais along with its amazing 100,000 miles warranty that you do not have to pay extra for a ridiculous package in order to get basic stuff such as alloy wheel etc, like in the cases of Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Alright, let me be honest and tell you a few things that I dislike about this car: - Gas Mileage (Hyundai claims it gives you 25 mpg in the city, which is not true, I get not more than 22 mpg in the city for sure)- Traction Control (The traction cannot handle the acceleration and the wheels would start spinning, even on the dry roads, not sure what to blame)- USB port - The built in USB port does not support android, at least not in my case, therefore I have to rely on bluetooth or AUX)- Dull Alloy Wheels - The dullness of alloy wheels for the SE trim does not compliment the car over all, but eh, I can't complain much as it is a BASE modelNow, the things I absolutely love about this car:- Great Turn Radius- Beautiful LED lights (even with base model)- Highway mileage (32 mpg even driving at 75 miles an hour, you might get better than 37 mpg if you drive at 55 miles an hour)- Spacious trunk - Great leg room for rear seats- Just enough power to accelerate quickly and merge on to the highways/freeways- Amazing Brakes- Sports, ECO and Normal Mode (For those who do not know, once switched to SPORTS mode, the car's steering becomes stiff as well as the engine along with the help of transmission helps you accelerate the car at way faster, you actually feel like driving a sports car. Normal mode for regular driving I guess)- Eye Catching Front - I love the way it looks in the front, not a big fan of how they have changed in the back- Warranty - 36,000 for Radio, Media and speakers. 60,000, bumper to bumper and 100,000 for Engine and Transmission. I do not think any other automobile manufacturer can beat that.Punch Line: An absolutely wonderful package for those who would like to fall in love with their new ride.

Average Rating : 4


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