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Gotta have it (?) logo 7/10/2015 Don Noveau

Black on Black 320i with manual 6 speed, Sport, Premium and Driver Assistance packages, plus heated front seats. I've had it for two weeks and less than 500 miles. I traded in a 2013 Honda Accord Sport CVT. The Honda had accumulated some equity in the lease, so it went back 5 months early; the dealer paid it all off (residual and 5 payments) leaving a zero balance against the BMW lease. Impressive for Honda. In several ways, I miss the Honda: the "infotainment" was better. The BMW does not have a Pandora source in its system. Yes, it will stream music, but you control it from the smartphone, not through the car. Rebound control seemed better than the BMW, especially for the rear. I really liked the CVT. ( I don't like automatic transmissions with gears, so I got the manual BMW.)The BMW gas mileage in suburban traffic seems about the same as the Accord, which was excellent: 26 to 40 mpg. Power seems similar also, but the BMW is MUCH quieter and smoother, so it's hard to tell. The BMW certainly seems to have enough power, but it's not a racer. (I purposely looked for a low-powered BMW to save on traffic tickets, based on past experience with other BMWs. This is the primary reason why the 320i attracted me - it's sensible and well balanced.) But when you consider that the BMW lease payment is just $6 more than the Honda payment (although I did kick in a little cash to cover tax and tags), and that it has far more premium features than the Honda did, not to mention all that comes with the BMW brand, The BMW Club, you see the advantage. I'm looking forward to "growing into" the BMW as it breaks in.

Average Rating : 4


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