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GPS and Bluetooth are unsable- get a base model logo 6/14/2015 jesseg2

I have had my tech package MDX for over 6 months now and can confidently say that a $100 tomtom GPS beats the in-dash hands down. Boot time takes about 60 seconds. Sluggish input. Passenger cannot input an address while moving. score 0 of 10.The Bluetooth phone is horrible. People ask if I have the windows down or if they are on speaker phone. My $100 Plantronics voyager works perfectly. Also can't press any digits on touchscreen when vehicle is moving. But can use the iPhone to press # for conference calls, etc. 0/10Save your money and get the base MDX. I do love the ride and 28mpg highway that I average. Probably the most comfortable front seats on any SUV out there. 10/10

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : Put an iPad in the dash for GPS.You'd think the Acura engineers would know that people are going to take calls at 70 MPH and test it. In the mean time they should pay a real bluetooth phone headset company for their noise canceling algorithm.

Average Rating : 4.125


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