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Grandama demanded the Civic VIP logo 7/30/2015 Davie Boy

This model is a good used choice car for those looking for basic transportation. Replacement parts availability is excellent. Heads-up - this car has a timing belt which requires replacement at 105,000 miles (not a chain). I would only buy a used civic that has less then 55,000 miles. Back in 2004 my 80 year old mother needed a new car and demanded the CIVIC with manual windows so I got her a brand new 2004 VIP. The car cost $15,000 OTD with no trade-in. It is a very basic car but that's what she wanted. Since then she has put only 12,000 miles on it and the only time it was in the shop was for the airbag recall. It runs and drives like new after 11 years. This car feels quite "tinny" although it's fit and finish are flawless. The designers clearly focused on interior room, fuel efficiency, reliability and the driver's outward visibility. The designers sacrificed suspension, breaking, acceleration, cornering/steering, cabin soundproofing and the overall fun driving experience. The rear suspension, in particular, has been crammed into a small space to make the trunk bigger, yielding an oddly bouncy ride. The rear brakes are drum which make for very poor stopping capability and the single overhead cam engine is quite pathetic. That said, it's amazingly reliable, economical, well assembled, easy to drive with excellent outward visibility and boring - which is, apparently, what must drivers demand judging from this car's popularity.

Average Rating : 4


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