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Gravel and Head Spinning logo 6/12/2016 LGC

SOLD - NO LONGER HAVE - REMOVE MY NAME! Specifically asked sales person/manager about the ability of this vehicle to go UP my gravel driveway (sales person was familiar with drive). No problem was the answer. Wrong!!!! I have owned this vehicle for 7 weeks and ave 'spun out' more than 6 times. I have googled many sites trying to find out about how or issues for driving UP but only found info for driving DOWN. Not only driving up the drive but also reversing up slight incline (out of cover). The hill is NOT very steep - and is not straight up, has several flat areas, and several turns. I cannot begin to describe how disappointed I am with this vehicle. I spent over a month researching vehicles and went for over a dozen test drives of different vehicles. I feel like I wasted my time and energy. I will attempt to talk with the manager about trading this for a vehicle that will actually DO what I need it to do. I am returning to dealer because manager and his staff are very good to work with and I have been doing business with them for over 4 years with another vehicle, with wonderful results.My head is spinning trying to figure out how to operate the Infotainment system. And yes, I read the manual specific to the system. All I want to do is listen to my Ipod through the speakers; hooking up to the USB port in center console.

Average Rating : 3


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