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Great all around logo 6/8/2015 nhepker1

Fantastic midsize sedan. Engine/Tran combo has power when you need it but still delivers great fuel economy. In mostly highway driving I can beat the rated 38. I've routinely hit 40 mpg. With city driving you have to really try to get your trip to fall below the city 28 mpg. Comfortable. Quiet. Can't speak to reliability yet but the power train warranty helps alleviate that concern somewhat.

Favorite Feature : Audio System (I have the Tech package)Key-less IgnitionTransmission - smooth shifting, little gear huntingFront seats - First time I've ever had to move the seat up to get comfortable. Plenty of legroom.

Suggested Improvement : Transmission - My one gripe about the car, and I knew about it going in, is the transmission lack of response when you first let off the brake. Even once the clutch has engaged, pressing the accelerator still seems to have a delay before anything really happens. Once your going though, everything's good.

Average Rating : 4


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