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Great all-round car logo 12/9/2016 accord owner

This car will treat you well. It's comfortable, and its passenger volume is excellent for a coupe. Its huge trunk and folding rear seats make it practical as well. Honda's reputation for reliability has held up so far, however regular wear items like the tires are surprisingly expensive on this V6 model with 18" wheels. The car handles faithfully and has excellent traction if you have the original-spec tires. There's a general sense of solidity to the car, even at seven years old and more than 100,000 miles, the interior doesn't squeak or rattle, wind noise is minimal, and the ride is still comfortable but taut, as a coupe with sporty pretensions should be. Speaking of which, straight line performance is staggering. This engine loves to be worked hard, and has a pleasing intake note. Low end torque is excellent, and power increases linearly to 5000 rpm, where there is a second wind due to the variable valve timing. When you're not working the car hard, it settles down nicely as a daily driver. Fuel economy in city and mixed driving is acceptable for a relatively heavy car with a big 3.5 liter engine. On the highway, two or three cylinders deactivate to improve fuel consumption, and I've logged as high as 32 mpg. The navigation system is dated, but gets the job done. Disappointingly, bluetooth is only for calls, there is no way to pipe your music over the air. Over the aux connection, the stereo's clarity and bass strength are impressive. Dual-zone automatic climate control is amazing, and frankly I don't think I could buy a car without it, now that I've gotten used to it. The driver and passenger can set their preferred temperatures independently, to be maintained by the climate control. The front seats are comfortable and well bolstered and, when required, the back seats are capable of fitting two adults in satisfyingly comfortable conditions, though entry and exit are a little undignified. As for complaints, the transmission can be dim-witted at times, and reaches for higher gears earlier than I would prefer. When you demand full throttle for an overtaking maneuver, a second or two can pass until the transmission drops a couple gears and the full grunt of the wonderful engine can be used to effect. The interior trim is hard plastic and a pseudo-aluminum that seem cheap, although the fit and finish are stellar. Overall, the 2009 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 is not only excellent value for money, but an excellent car outright, even at almost a decade old. Honda built the Accord Coupe better than it needed to be, and better than I expected. It's an ordinary car that makes me feel extraordinarily satisfied as an owner.

Average Rating : 5


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