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Great, but... logo 7/7/2016 Ron

This car is perfect for me. However, there are some exterior quality control issues. In my case, the adhesive holding the right front wheel vent cover is missing a piece of the adhesive. Others have reported misalignment of body panels, but no such issue in my car. When I had the car detailed, the detailer noticed a large black screw under the driver's seat, and couldn't determine where it came from. Aside from this, the car is simply awesome - the exhaust note is pure music. That most dealers are charging over MSRP is pretty sad, but I paid a few thousand over MSRP and still think it's worth it. If I had to pay 10k or more over MSRP, then no. The 2017 models are just starting to come out now and kind of wish I'd held out, as the track pack comes standard with these 2017s. But still, very happy with the vehicle.

Average Rating : 4


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