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Great car at great price! logo 4/9/2017 Lorax

I bought this car first for safety. A good friend had an accident and her airbags did not go off. That was two years ago. I understand Hyundai makes its own and unlike Takata air bags which are in every other car, there hasn't been a problem with Hyundai's. We live in Florida. Other cars I have owned tend to lose their grip in heavy rain. Not Hyundai. It holds the road on wet, sleek roads, even in sudden stops. It has excellent braking and steering. And it has surprising gas mileage. I get 35 around the city and 45 on the road. Even 50 on long highway trips! I was thinking of getting a hybrid that promised 30-40. But why spend the extra 10 to 20 thousand. This car gets great mileage. It has 17,000 miles on it and I have spent a third of the money per month than my prior car. And no repairs. And an amazing 10 year/ 100,000 mile warranty! And a bargain price. I challenge you to find a better, safer, more reliable car for even thousands more. Storage is great since the rear seats go down. Are there any down sides? Well, if you want to drag race this is not your car. I am a careful conservative driver. One downside is the ride. It is not a plush limousine. You feel the road. For me, that gives me the feel of more control. Another downside are some of the controls are not intuitive. The light switch goes down for on and up for off. And the fuel gauge is not prominent. Why should the rpm gauge be the biggest when in an automatic you have no control of rpm? But the gas gauge is on (and small) only when the ignition is on. But the downsides are small considering the upsides. Reliability, safety, control, gas mileage, parking agility, steering, great warranty, and bargain price all make this a great car at a great price.

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