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Great car but for your butt logo 8/1/2015 Al

My new Edge has the ecoboost 4cyl with trailer package. My experience is that it does everything well EXCEPT FOR...... (see below). It provides a comfortable confidence inspiring ride. The interior is well done. Road noise, rattles etc. are negligible. Fit and finish is good. It tows very well. Gas milage is very good; 14mpg towing 3,000 lbs and 23mpg otherwise. EXCEPT FOR ...... The front seats are not comfortable. They appear to be designed for children and Twiggy. I am an average person, 5'9" 170 lbs, the seat is too narrow for me. Someone got carried away trying to put a racing type car seat in this model. The seat bolsters on the side of the seat are too pronounced without adequate room in-between. The result is that there is not adequate room for you butt. The side bolsters squeezes your bum together just like a pair of too small shoes squeezes your toes together. My front seat passengers have also complained of this condition. As I like this car, I will take it to an automotive upholstery shop and have the seats redesigned. I wish the dealt steering wheel would be more adjustable - - my wife's Dodge Caravan adjusts wonderfully. Butt I don't think I can swap that out :-)

Average Rating : 4


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