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Great Car! But it does have it's interior issues logo 8/20/2015 Josh

I have had my car for a little less than 3 months. It has about 3500 miles on it thus far. I have taken it on some great road trips in the mountains and the beach. The amount of cargo it holds is great! The steering it great, the power of the engine is great, but seems to struggle a little bit when going up inclines. When I say inclines, I mean freeways going up a hill. I thought that the engine wouldn't struggle as much as it does with a 2.5 engine...but it does. The breaking is great on the car and the steering is able to turn better than my Honda Accord! The stereo set up is kind of wonky and not very user friendly. I love the back up system! Nice big monitor to see whats behind you. The AC vents are placed in odd places in the front and the air flow for the passenger and driver is awkward and not really direct. The placement of the center monitor is to blame for this. One of my biggest gripes with the car is the quality of the interior seats! THEY SUCK! the material after only having the car for a short time is already deteriorating and unraveling. Why they chose such a cheap material to put in the car is beyond me, but as a car buyer I am NOT happy with it at all. I LOVE the car, I really do, but the interior quality of the seats is no good and I can see myself getting them re-upholstered in the near future. FIX IT MAZDA!

Average Rating : 4


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