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Great car - except for a few things logo 8/30/2015 Bob Woliver

Have had a 2015 Malibu LS for about a month. Great gas mileage, decent power (but it is no dragster), reasonable handling but lacks road feel. Cons: poor rear visibility, no spare tire, a bunch of electronics piled on top of the battery making it difficult to check water level (something you do in a very hot climate like mine) and lots of road noise. Transmission seems to occasionally hunt gears at mid throttle going about 40-50 mph. I hated auto stop on my 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid and dislike it on this car - maybe I'm just 'old school'. I personally prefer my older 2009 Malibu with 90K miles on it. I would characterize this car as a typical American 5 passenger car from which they have engineered out every possible cost and I am only marginally satisfied with this car.

Average Rating : 3


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