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Great Car for Price logo 4/28/2016 Shell

I am already at 50k+ miles in 2.5 years and have had no issues with this car. It is a basic car - no frills. It drives smoothly and is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. My only complaint is that the interior materials are cheap. One mirror cover broke off already with basic use and the metallic coating on a door handle is peeling off already. The door locks are kind of weird (the only autolock button is on the dash) and the basic model lacks many modern features such as keyless entry/start-up or a back-up view camera. The USB connection can be finicky, and I had to have it replaced when it was new, but now it usually works as long as the USB cord is good quality. The backseats are a little cramped when people sit behind someone tallish (I am 5'7). I average around 35mpg, which is awesome. Sometimes I go 40m on 1 gallon. I only paid $15k for this car, so I am very pleased with it overall.

Average Rating : 4


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