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Great car for singles and as second car. logo 6/13/2016 Anmar Janabi

I wasn't thinking into buying this car until I received a newspaper with an amazing offer. To be honest, the good deal drove me to the dealer to try the car. I leased it for about $140/mo cheaper than BMW, Mercedes, Audi.I have driven BMW, Mercedes, Audi as well. This ATS really can compete with its sisters. 2.0T engine is amazing, powerful although little noisy when Turbo kicks in. I tried my friend's Audi A5 but ATS was faster in acceleration. Handling is stellar ! Braking is great, better than BMW and Audi due to Brembo brand. Check 60-0 mph braking on YouTube. I think it was 99 feets vs 101 feet for BMW, Mercedes, Audi.Interiorly, I agree with others, it is small. Rear seat barely for 2 adults, and Trunk is much smaller than my previous Honda Civic. For me isn't an issue and I am slim, use the car for commuting only, rarely people get intro rear seat. Small trunk doesn't bother me, I have a SUV.Great finish, wood trims, leather all over. But the touch part of the console is awkward. Physical buttons are more appropriate while driving.Gear: for some reason manual downshifting is restrained. You need to pull hard to overcome the unexpected resistance. Upshifting is smooth. I don't understand why Cadillac does that. Headlight is good, but the high beam light is poor. Don't thing it will lighten the road like BMW and Mercedes.Overall, the performance is outstanding. But my advice is American cars should be leased only due to poor reliability after 3-4 years and low resale value.

Average Rating : 4


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