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Great Car for the Money logo 7/5/2016 Bob

This car will move. People tend to give the challenger a bad rap solely based on its weight. Name me a car besides the challenger that can do a 0-60 in under 6 seconds while weighing over 2 tons being powered by a V6? None that i can think of. This car isnt a sports car, its a muscle car. Simply put this is the GT car in the pony car segment. Sure the Camaro and Mustang are quicker, but neither of them give the comfort that this car does. If your short, sure the others are better in your eyes, but if your an avg american you will love this car. Real people are over 6ft and need comfort. This car brings you this plus more. The V6 is a great engine, combine that with an AFE CAI and you get 320hp. Road trips are a dream. Some say that the MPG drops off over a period of time but i disagree. Ive had this car for 1.5 years and drove to Vegas last weekend from south orange county. Had a AVG of 31 while doing 80 there and back. Name me a sports car or Muscle car that can make it 550+ miles on a single tank when your not doing 55mph. Take this car around during the week, feel happy knowing that you can fit real adults in the back seat who are'nt 5ft and can still hold all the luggage. This car is the best all in one package.

Average Rating : 5


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