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Great car. fun and fuel efficient logo 6/14/2017 Bobby

I bought this car last Thanksgiving from Florida (Im in Houston, TX). Honesty, I was quite disappointed the moment I saw it (I owned 99 miata 5-spd before) because some dings and paint on steering wheel (I dont know what that is for). idle rpm was too high (~1200). Dealer on ebay said it was a well maintained car. Some small plastic body parts missing (it's not expensive from dealer). After I changed all fluids, oil and filters the second day. The idle rpm back to 750. The driving of this machine is still incredible in handling and smooth acceleration. It gets more power than NB. 60 mph is about 2800 rpm. 70 mph is about 3300 rpm. The little one is extremely reliable. I have put 17000 miles on the clock. Not a single problem. Top down noise reduces a lot in this generation. Super easy and fast to operate the soft top. Im so happy to have this car.

Average Rating : 5


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