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Great car, great value - tight, quiet ride logo 5/15/2015 findbrian

Sold a 2012 Civic LX to my daughter and bought one of these a few weeks ago for $15,000 (SE model, Magnetic gray). Have about 700 miles on it and the ride is tight over bumps (very solid suspension!), handles and steers great, and is a genuine fun drive. the 120hp engine is pretty peppy all things considered. Averaging 31mpg mixed driving so far, which is about what my Civic gave me. Really a fun car with great exterior styling. Threw a all-around tint job on it and I'm done! So far loving this thing. Really saved a chunk off MSRP, as all I wanted was the factory Ford aluminum wheels and the SYNC system, and that's what I got. Ford's 0% financing was great as well (interest-free is great).

Favorite Feature : SYNC works great with my phone and really helps communication when driving without eyes leaving the road. Trunk is HUGE for this size of car and the fold-down rear seats make things easy to transport.

Suggested Improvement : Rear legroom is pretty shallow. That's about the only drawback I can think of. also, I used heat-resistant flat black paint to paint the rear of the muffler and tailpipe so they would not stick out like a sore thumb. Both are recessed way under the body and look kinda goofy from cars behind you since the backend of the Fiesta is up a little higher than I am used to.

Average Rating : 4.875


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