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Great car if you get a 6speed logo 9/14/2015 Car Enthusiast

The 2013 Accord is a great car for the money. Lots of interior room for a family of 4. The ride is great and the steering is very responsive. The suspension is likely more stiff than a malibu, impala, or other similar American cars although it feels very tight and performance oriented. I have yet to experience any problems after 2 months of driving. I purchased mine with 19k miles. I would highly recommend getting the manual transmission as the CVT (in any car not just honda), is quite terrible. Many auto manufacturers have jumped on this CVT bandwagon to achieve exceptional mpg at the sacrifice of reliability, performance, and ride experience. I would not recommend a CVT in any car. They simply do not last, require costly maintenance when problematic, and have a horrible rubber band effect during swift acceleration or deceleration. The 6 speed in the 2013 Accord shifts like butter, and really brings out all 181 horses. Although it's not much, this car revs very high and is great for highway/city driving (I've gotten 36.5 mpg highway and average 27 in town with conservative driving 3k rpm shifts). Take this from someone who has had a zr1, 99 m3, multiple subaru WRXs, IS300 and 350, gs400 etc. The car is great.It's really a great car if you get the 6speed. If you can only find an auto, buy something else that offers a standard 5speed/6speed auto. Avoid any cars with CVT transmissions no matter who the auto manufacturer.

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