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Great car if you like high pitch whistles logo 8/6/2015 J. Miller

I bought a 2015 LR4 in March, and thought I would share some information with prospective buyers. Land Rover USA has admitted that their is a problem in the air conditioning system of the 2015 LR4s, a problem that causes a high pitched whistle to be emitted from the dashboard area whenever the air conditioner is on (as it often is if you live in texas). Land Rover says this is a "characteristic" of the 2015 LR4s, and have offered no fix for the problem. If you are considering purchasing an LR4, I would seriously reconsider, until Land Rover has a fix for this issue. Though the dealership has tried, they have been unable to fix the problem, and my car has spent over 40 days in the shop since I purchased it. Update: car was in shop 100 days in 2 years and I had to hire a lawyer in order to have car declared a lemon. I will never drive a Land Rover again, and I highly recommend no on else drive one either. LR was terrible to deal with, was not concerned about me as an owner.

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