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Great car, inaccurate fuel rating logo 4/28/2016 Doug

We spent several weeks researching and test driving different cars before deciding on the Sonata, and then at the last minute saw the value in bumping up to the Sport model with sunroof and other goodies at a bargain.Overall we're very impressed with the car. It feels luxurious and solid, and a quiet ride was an important thing to note as we test drove cars. This is quieter than most, and I think it will lose more road noise when I change the tires. I also notice a slight dancing of the front wheels when at cruising speed, that may be solved with new tires. (There are many complaints about the cheap tires the car comes with). Android Auto has a lot of cool features--like GPS, but that the phone must be plugged-in to work is really clunky at this stage of bluetooth technology. This is primarily my wife's car, and she simply doesn't bother with it, so those features are lost.After a month, our only complaint is that the high end of the mileage rating seems out of reach. Our average is now at 28, which is a long way from the high "rating" of 38. Her commute is about 15 miles, 4/5 freeway, and she's on the slower end of drivers out there, rarely leaving the first two right lanes. There is the "Eco" mode, which we were told is supposed to improve mileage by 7%, but engine performance is severely hampered when engaged. I've suggested switching to Eco when at speed on the freeway, but this is again something else she doesn't want to have to think about to simply drive her car.Again though, of everything we looked at, the Sonata really stood out. It looks good, is small enough for a daily commuter, but comfortable and roomy for a long drive, and can very comfortably seat passengers--which was in fact the first thing I looked at, by sitting in the back seat first. At the rate my wife drives, this car will last well beyond the average.

Average Rating : 4


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