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Great car, just wish it was better quality logo 6/8/2015 katie264

Fun to drive even though it's only a 4 cylinder. At times I still miss having a V6 but the Mazda 6 is better than most other 4 cylinder cars. Great gas mileage. Averaged 32.8 miles per gallon on round trip from WA to Cali via Highway 97. Had 3k miles at the time. Nice look, love the Soul Red & Sand Leatherette. At higher speeds, it accelerates very well. Seemed kinda slow/stiff to get it moving on speeds lower than 35mph. But since I've gotten over 9,000 miles on it in 6 months, it has better acceleration on the lower gears and the sound is not so rough on the lower gears. Like it ironed out any rough patches after a few thousand miles.

Favorite Feature : Blind spot monitoring & automatic dimming rear view mirror.

Suggested Improvement : Better quality materials/construction. After 9,000 miles, the steering wheel starts to squeak if you turn it too far. Not constant squeak but it's there occasionally. The seems are becoming loose or something to that effect since there are occasional vibration noises coming from the dash, especially on bumpier roads.Needs more compartments/nooks & crannies to hold stuff. Of course, there is no perfect car. But this one is pretty good. Wish it was better, but I wouldn't get any other sedan in the same price range.

Average Rating : 3.875


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