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Great car, nice technology, but some cons logo 4/6/2017 Zakareah Sikdar

Switched over from a Lincoln MKS due to horrible Lincoln service and stayed in the Ford family due to having the Ford employee discount, but I am regretting it - a bit. The car is great! I have the SE Tech and luxury package - comes with all the bells and whistles - premium audio, leather, heated seats, etc. Fuel economy is good (fills up for about $35 with average of $2.30/gallon). Acceleration is not bad for a V4. My problem arises with the steering and Ford customer service. When the vehicle only had 500 miles it was in the shop for a vibration in the steering wheel. Ford, who didn't provide me with a loaner car, stated this was a "normal characteristic" and they notified Ford Corporate. I was told to drive another 2,000 miles as my tires have flat spots. Drove another 2,000 miles and problem still persists. Took it back to the dealer and was told, "this feels normal to us". Fine, took it again and was told, "the tires were majorly out of balance". After receiving it back, the problem continues. How ridiculous that a brand new car with only 8,000 miles is having such a problematic situation with steering that the dealer cannot even figure out. Also, sent NUMEROUS emails to Ford Corporate - but I do not ever hear anything back. Overall, this car is good - but service with Ford is garbage. Will probably be going back to foreign cars - Lexus is the best.

Average Rating : 3


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