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Great car overall, but poor acceleration logo 7/31/2015 Josh Iverson

I've had this car now for 8 months. Paid about $23,500 for the Premium PZEV 2.5 with some extras included like auto dimming mirrors and heated mirrors.Love the styling both in and out. Very comfortable and I like the ride.The only thing I do not like is the CVT and engine being rather sluggish when they are not really warmed up. Once you drive around a bit the computer seems to recognize that everything is up to proper temperature and allows you to have faster acceleration. However it sucks first thing in the morning, pullout of of the driveway and trying to get into fast traffic.Also, the CVT is a little sluggish to respond to shifting and it can take a second or two of giving it gas before it starts moving. An automatic would be much snappier.

Average Rating : 5


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